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Lap siding and rain screen on gable ends with no external sheathing

canada_deck | Posted in General Questions on

This question may sound silly to anyone who has actually put siding on a building but I’m having a hard time picturing it. For my energy efficient shed, I was going to skip external sheathing since I am putting plywood on all the interior walls and that will provide the structural rigidity I need.

My wall assembly was going to be:
From inside to outside:
5/8 plywood
Vapor barrier
2*6 frame with batt insulation
Tyvek WRB
Furring strips attached to studs
HardiePlank Lap siding

I have figured out how that will work in most locations but as I think about details at corners, around doors and windows, and at the top edges of the gables, I am realizing that I may occasionally need to put in a nail through the siding where I don’t have a stud.  In those locations, I assume I could normally put a small piece of furring strip screwed to sheathing as shown in this image from Fine Homebuilding.  

Am I going to create a major headache for myself by skipping the external sheathing?

  Rain-Screen-Siding Details for Gable Ends - Fine Homebuilding

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  1. Expert Member


    Run an angled furring strip, or wider piece of plywood of the same thickness, on the top plates of the gable wall. It will catch the ends of the cladding.

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