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LG RED as substitute for Mitsubishi Hyper Heat (ducted air source heat pump)?

jadziedzic | Posted in General Questions on

My HVAC contractor is unable to obtain a Mitsubishi SVZ-KP24NA & SUZ-KA24NAHZ hyper heat system, and ship dates are optimistically February 2023.  He also installs LG equipment and offered an LG LUU240HHV & LVN241HV4 as an in-stock substitute.  The heating specs on the LG are roughly comparable to the Mitsu, with the LG having a better HSPF (11 vs 9).  Any thoughts on the LG RED heat pumps?

(This is for installation in a PGH in CZ5; single zone ducted system designed by Energy Vanguard.)

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  1. norm_farwell | | #1

    Similar situation—I install Mitsubishi whenever possible, but I have installed LG for a couple of clients who are are willing to go that way and don’t want to wait.

    From an installer standpoint, the LG ductless units don’t have quite the same fit and finish in some ways—exterior fan unit grills are plastic for ex rather than metal. And the engineering seems not quite as thorough. I have not installed LG ducted units.

    As far as I know there’s no LG option for a wall mount remote thermostat like the mitsu mhk2, which incorporates remote temperature sensing and can help minimize short cycling. With LG you can order a wired remote temperature sensor for ducted and ceiling cassettes but not for high heads.

    The LGs are also a bit noisier in my experience.

    On the plus side the LG manual is written for humans and LG has some interesting troubleshooting technology that I haven’t needed so far.

    Hope that’s helpful.

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