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Liquid-applied WRB or Ice & Water Shield?

Irishjake | Posted in General Questions on

I’m in the process of trying to choose a WRB for a PERSIST home I’m doing. I’ve been planning for months to use Grace Ice & Water, but recently took a class taught by Peter Yost and started to rethink my choice. What spray-on/roll-on WRB can you recommend? Which ones have you used? Which ones self-heal/seal at penetrations?

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  1. mfredericks | | #1

    The Small Planet Workshop carries Prosoco products
    They make a range of associated goop's for sealing penetrations and seams then there's the Cat5 liquid applied WRB.

    I'm not certain that these WRBs self-heal the same way Ice and Water shield does, but I could be wrong.

    You can see these products in use by Hammer and Hand in this video:

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    In case you haven't seen it yet, here is a link to a relevant article: Housewrap in a Can: Liquid-Applied WRBs.

  3. Irishjake | | #3


    I definitely have seen the article, but was hoping for some feedback that was more recent. New products and improved products have hit the housing market in the last few years at such an incredible rate, it has been hard to stay up on everything.

    I was encouraged to look at non VOC, asphalt products. Grace Ice & Water is a very familiar product, and will be my definite go to item if need be, but it an asphalt/petro product.

    BlueMAx by AMES - anyone have feedback on this product?

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