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list of builders in my area, to build new Green home

LouDean | Posted in General Questions on

We have 10 acres and need a new home. I don’t know how to start looking for builders or how to get this project financed. Please help?

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  1. Riversong | | #1

    You need to search locally. Check with your state NAHB, any green builder's associations or listings in your area, ask neighbors or your town offices or the building inspector. Look for an Energy Star program or utility-sponsored or state building conservation program.

    As for financing, investigate local savings & loans or credit unions. They're often the most flexible and helpful (and honest). Check for state and federal incentive programs.

  2. homedesign | | #2

    You could mention where you live and you could try this site:
    Be aware that not all Energy raters know what they are doing nor do all Energy Star Builders... but it is a place to start.

  3. al rossetto | | #3

    If you are planning to be a Owner/Builder in New England I may be able to help. My E-mail is [email protected]

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