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Los Angeles: Home Performance Consultant & High Performance Rehab Contractor Recommendations?

user-5946022 | Posted in General Questions on

Looking for recommendations for Los Angeles area Home Performance Assessment consultant (who would do a blower door and once over of the house to help develop a prioritized action plan) and High Performance Contractor (and perhaps HVAC contractor), both experienced with approx. 100 year old homes.  

Does anyone have any first hand experience, either with excellent companies, or any to avoid?  Trying to help a relative who needs a solid, sensible plan informed by building science (ie probably includes a blower door test), and will then need contractors to execute the plan to get a VERY leaky home tighter and more comfortable, then resolve HVAC issues and execute general home improvement/maintenance issue (ie selective door/window refurbishment or replacement, etc.)

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    Bump. Could really use some input from the braintrust here...

  2. matthew25 | | #2

    PHIUS certified professionals, HERS raters, PassivHaus certifiers are all excellent sources to look up qualified energy raters. They can help recommend contractors they've had good experiences with and who achieve good blower door test scores.

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