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lowest operating temp

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

The minsiplit from Gree that was already installed in the investment properties we just bought say on the manual they can all operate down till -4. Do you think this is enough for Brooklyn New York weather? It doesnt really ever get below -4 but id imagine it could feel colder if it gets near to that point. 

I dont ever want the call that the heat went out and then I end up having to buy a bunch of temporary electric heaters like I did 1 time in the past but that was a boiler issue that was able to be resolved quickly. 

GMV-24WL/C-T(U) for the 1 bedroom unit
GMV-28WL/C-T(U) for the 2 bedroom unit

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    The 99% heating design temperature at La Guardia is 18.4°F; at JFK it's 18°F. That means that 99% of the time in an average year, the outdoor temperature will be higher than that. The 99.6% temperatures at those locations is 14.1 and 14.4°F. It may get down to -4°F on rare occasions but it should be for very short periods of time.

  2. cbut8995 | | #2

    And even if it gets down to -4 it wont shut off, it would just run less efficient?


    1. Expert Member
      DCcontrarian | | #5

      It won't shut off. The quoted figure is where the coefficient of performance drops below 1.0 -- the unit consumes more energy than it puts out in heat. At that temperature and below it's more cost effective to heat with resistance heating.

      1. cbut8995 | | #7

        What would you suggest for resistance heating? Not sure how we can add it now since its all pre built and we purchased the entire condos like this.

  3. cbut8995 | | #3


  4. bfw577 | | #4

    That Gree has really bad cold weather performance and has lost half its rated capacity at 5 degrees. Brooklyn does occasionally see temperatures in the single digits and teens. If there is no other source of heat I suspect it will have trouble keeping up in more severe cold. How big are the places? If your talking like a small 600 sqft NYC studio it night be fine.!/product/34010/7/25000///0

    1. cbut8995 | | #6

      So if it loses half its capacity will it heat enough for the apt? I dont see how I can change it now since its all prebuilt etc.

      So the condo unit came with an 1 outdoor unit (GMV-24WL/C-T(U) ) connected to 2 one way cassettes. Its definitely oversizesd The entire apt is about 550 sqft and its 1 9K unit inside the bedroom and 1 9k unit inside the living room/kitchen.

      The other apt we purchased is about 700 sqft but the living room has double height ceiling about 18 feet tall and has 3 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit GMV-28WL/C-T(U). one 7k unit in the bedroom, one 12k unit in the living room, and one 9k unit in the mezzanine area.

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