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LP Tech shield

Bo_Krejci | Posted in General Questions on

 I am creating a storage space in an attic for a friend, I was thinking about using LP Tech shield as the flooring (radiant barrier side down, against floor joist and insulation).  Has anyone used LP Tech shield this way?  Any issue w radiant barrier being against insulation?  I’m not creating a condensation issue am I? 

So you may be asking why use it for flooring:
1. It is cheaper than most OSB flooring 
2. I thought there may be an energy benefit (I know very minute) within the interior living space. 

This attic space will host seasonal items (not being finished for living space). 

Would appreciate and welcome any comments including any warnings (if the case) from this group.

Have a great day. 

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    The radiant barrier won't really gain you anything unless it is facing an air gap. If the radiant barrier is directly against (in contact with) insulation, then it won't really be doing anything useful. You could easily add some furring to get that air space, you want about 1" of air space between the radiant barrier and the insulation.

    I would check if that product is a vapor barrier -- many radiant barriers are. If the product is a vapor barrier, you could be building a moisture trap which is something you want to avoid. I would also make sure the product can be used as flooring, it needs to be sufficiently strong.


    1. Bo_Krejci | | #2

      Thank you sir, we are on the same page on all your points.

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