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Allergen-Free Smart Vapor Retarder

KHix | Posted in General Questions on

I have acute inhalant allergies and trying to renovate a new building on my farm as “cleanly” as possible. I am using Havelock Wool insulation but wondering about the aforementioned “vapour barriers”. Siga do not seem to offer a list of ingredients in their product which Pro Clima do but not sure that either one of them are free from off gassing. Anyone know ? Tks.

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  1. creativedestruction | | #1

    Intello is red list free:
    So definitely no VOCs.
    I believe Siga claims zero VOC as well:

  2. freehollowbuilder | | #2

    Very interested to hear if you have made any progress on this assembly, since you are the only other person I have seen on here using Havelock Wool! It's an excellent product, but I am still working on my best ventilation/ARB system to pair with it.

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