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Make-up air for a gas dryer

Straight_Curves | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I am building a new airtight house.
Is there such a thing as a Condensing Gas Dryer?
If not can the make-up air for the gas dryer have a supply & exhaust
vent like on a gas fireplace? Tube in tube. If so. Where would I look
to get one?

Thanx  Brian

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  1. Expert Member
    Peter Yost | | #1

    HI Brian -

    Do you mean a condensing efficiency gas clothes dryer? I am not aware of any. I imagine that this is just too expensive an approach, given how often the units are operating?

    Maybe other GBA readers can weigh in?


  2. jaccen | | #2
  3. tommay | | #3

    Tube in tube won't work. The exhaust tube would heat up the air making it draft towards the outside. Best to have a separate air intake directly from the outside if there is not adequate air flow in the laundry area. Check the gas codes for the minimum area needed to determine if outside mu air is necessary.

    1. charlie_sullivan | | #4

      A dryer has a strong enough blower that I think it would work fine, but you'd need a dryer with a ducted air intake. I don't know of one.

      I recommend that Brian consider an electric heat pump model. It has the potential to be low on climate impact if the electricity source is green, as well as being super-efficient and solving the air supply/exhaust problems.

      1. tommay | | #5

        ...or better yet, a clothesline.

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