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Marvin and Pella Window issues

ColbyForester | Posted in General Questions on

I am starting a new construction home and the window choices are fairly daunting on how many brands are available on the market. I have settled in on either Marvin Integrity or Pella Impervia windows. Both are fiberglass with similar ratings from what I saw. I was leaning toward Pella as they are slightly cheaper but when I search the internet I see many post are very negative with Class Action suits against the company. So I google Marvin and see the same thing on window failures although not as many it seemed. Both had warranty complaints in fixing the issues that were brought to their attention. I am not to concerned with architectural look or features but just a great performing window with great reliability and a decent cost.

Is this truly the case or are they both quality windows that should perform well in performance and quality?

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  1. seabornman | | #1

    I have been very pleased with Marvin Integrity windows. I believe that Marvin has been very good standing by their products in the past.

  2. minute_basset | | #2

    We chose Marvin Integrities double hung and casements for our last 2 remodels as they were a good balance between cost, exterior maintenance and were energy star rated at the time - plus they look good - nice proportions (and we couldn't afford triple glazed windows). We've also been pleased with them. They've been in place for 8 years now and they look and operate great. My only complaint is that I wish they had tabs to grab for installing the screens instead of the retractable pins on the sides.

    For the Habitat build we just finished in VT, we installed Pella triple pane single hung windows. They are an excellent value with a U value of 0.17 - less than the requirement for meeting the Efficiency Vermont High Performance standard that we were building to. We had a couple of builders volunteering when we were installing them and we were all really impressed with the build quality and tightness. The screens slide into their grooves and have metal leaf springs on the sides and tabs at the bottom to put them in place. Very snug fit. And they were less expensive than the Marvin double pane Integrities.

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