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Marvin Window Low ERS

eagleknight | Posted in General Questions on

I have been working with my local Marvin dealer to price out windows for our new house. In Ohio climate zone 5. As it stands now I am going with the Low E2 glass. I was wanting to get the Low ERS addition. At first the dealer wasn’t sure what I was talking about and I had to provide some information from the Marvin website. Then I almost fell out of my chair when they came back and said for a 36×72 window it would add $396. Nearly 50% upcharge! I thought maybe there was some mistake and called Marvins main sales number and they seemed to confirm this price. I had some Andersen windows quoted and their HeatLock for the same size window only added around $50.  Why so much variation between brands? Has anyone went with the Low ERS from Marvin and also seen such big price differences?

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  1. walta100 | | #1

    Sound like you should let Anderson get your business. Your Marvin dealer simply has no interest in dealing with this option so they priced it so high that will reject the option.

    This is likely to happen for most of the stuff you see on this web site. When people don’t want to do something unusual instead of saying NO they just up the price.


  2. dougiesgoindeep | | #2

    I had a similar experience with Marvin. The rep didn't know much. I worked with them to "guess and check" a lot of different glass combos as the price didn't make much sense based on performance. I am guessing it is based on volume of glass they sell and who knows why the volume for each type is the way it is. Ultimately, I went with a low e2/e1 tri plane glass as it was in my opinion the best combination of performance (about 0.25 for both u-factor and shgc) and price (about $150 more than the $1000 version low e2 dual pane ultimate version). I'm also climate zone 5.

  3. BrunoF | | #3

    Have you considered their LoweE 366 as an option? I’ve have that glass in double hung windows for 13 years so far without issues.

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