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Opinions on Mavrik Tilt-Turn Windows

paxsonalaska | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m building a home in Anchorage, Alaska and got a pretty attractive quote from Mavrik for windows. It’s a little harder to get good quotes in Alaska for the obvious reasons. Is anyone here familiar with them? Their PVC tilt/turn windows do look like they’re covering all the bases on paper: triple seals, lots of air chambers, steel reinforcements and good U values.

However, there’s barely any information about them online, and almost nothing on GBA. Thoughts about the window construction specifically or about dealing with a lesser-known company generally?

Corner cutout illustration from Mavrik attached.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I'm guessing that you know that Mavrik Windows was formerly called Prossimo Windows. The company was founded by Ben Freed.

    GBA has written at least one article on Freed's company: "New Ways to Find High-Performance Windows."

    1. paxsonalaska | | #2

      I had no idea, thanks Martin! I've seen you comment here that you're not a big fan of PVC windows, but quality fiberglass and thermally broken aluminum are looking a little out of budget for me. Do you have any thoughts on the Mavrik/Prossimo window here? Would it be a good fit for a home in Alaska? It seems far more robust than the vast majority of PVC windows out there but I'm still learning what to look for.

      1. GBA Editor
        Martin Holladay | | #3

        Vinyl windows often make sense -- I'm not a member of the "I hate vinyl" club. (For more information, see my article, "Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding.")

        I have no direct experience with Mavrik Windows. But triple-glazed windows are a good choice for buildings in Alaska. Most buyers of triple-glazed vinyl-framed windows manufactured in Europe are pleased with the quality of this type of window.

  2. Peter Yost | | #4

    It is always harder to compare windows when they don't have an NFRC label. But it is very expensive for smaller and non-US manufacturers to get all this additional testing done.

    The one thing you could do is ask what sort of accelerated weather testing may have been done on their windows.

    I am sending an email to a lead engineer at LBNL, the national lab that does all the glazing R&D in the US to see if I can get his cut on Mavrik; stay tuned.


  3. paxsonalaska | | #5

    Thanks Peter, please let me know if you heard anything back. I spoke with the owner of on the phone for a while, and got a positive impression of the company and products. Pricing seems fair too. But of course it is really hard to know how a product will actually perform without seeing the data.

  4. qofmiwok | | #6

    Did you end up buying these?

  5. DanShow | | #7

    Late reader of this thread, but we are currently looking at Mavrik UPVC windows for our upcoming build as well. Didn't know if you ended up going with Mavrik or not Paxson?

    1. paxsonalaska | | #8

      Sorry for the late reply. You probably bought your windows already, but for anyone else reading this thread, I did go ahead and purchase Mavrik's Workhorse Plus windows. I've installed about half of them and I'm very happy with them so far. They're very well-built and heavy, and the hardware is really nice--much nicer than anything I've seen on an American window. No complaints at all.

      1. n2dirt | | #9

        Thanks for the info, can you give some info on their prices.

      2. DanShow | | #10

        Glad to hear you are happy with your window selection. We have already purchased our windows and did end up going with another window manufacturer.

  6. qofmiwok | | #11

    I was going to get them several months ago but right at that time they were changing suppliers and not able to supply me. They had the best price though and the windows seemed good. Then I was going to use Unilux which was almost as low of a price, but the lead times with Covid got too long for my schedule. I ended up going with Innotech in Canada because their lead times were short, but then they increased and now they've increased again so my schedule is kind of screwed. We'll see. Regardless, all these "european" style windows are so much better than normal US ones.

    Also, I really wanted to use the US made Alpen windows, that was my first choice when I learned they can now do thin triple, but they don't have a lift and slide door, and I had a couple windows that were too large for them. Then my next choice was Zola, and their price was much better than I expected, but they couldn't supply me because of an issue with my elevation.

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