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Mini split wall sleeve alternatives?

Birdo | Posted in General Questions on

I feel like installing a mini split is a little like learning to mud drywall. Once you’ve got the job done, you know enough to do the job.

New question: most of the DIY kits include a wall sleeve which seems like a good idea for protecting the lines as they traverse the wall. However, with all my insulation/rainscreen whatnot, those sleeves are too short.

Is anyone aware of a longer sleeve (9”) or have you created your own alternative?

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    I’ve always just used short pieces of EMT conduit to make sleeves. Just cut the conduit to length and put a plastic bushing on both ends. Easy and cheap, and any length you need is easy to make. You can seal it with either spray foam (pretty permanent though so hard to ever to service work), or “duct seal”, which is a clay-like compound used for sealing penetrations like this.


  2. natesc | | #2

    I have used PVC.

    Drill your hole at a slight downward angle, pop a piece of PVC through, use a marker to cut pvc to length, use tape on the inside to hold it in place, seal outside if you can get to it, install head.

  3. Birdo | | #3

    Thanks for the ideas.

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