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Mitsubishi H2i Sumo- MUZ-FW availability?

paul_iowa | Posted in Mechanicals on

Hey There,

Any connected Mitsubishi people know the status of Mitsubishi’s impending H2i upgrade- MUZ-FW “Sumo”? Terrible name, BTW.

Info has been available on Mitsubishi contractor’s New Products page for the last many months, found here, ( but otherwise (including there’s no mention of it anywhere on the web, including on NEEP’s ASHP database.

Anyone know when this hits the market?  


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  1. gbryan | | #1

    Bumping to follow replies

    1. steven765 | | #2


      1. paul_iowa | | #3

        I heard back from Mitsubishi through Instagram of all places. MUZ-FW arrives Q1 of 2024. If you google search you'll find a bit of energy star documentation, but otherwise there aren't any submittals or NEEP info available yet. Energy Star docs say they're based on R410 and not R32. I thought the switchover begins the first of 2024?

        And they've also recently released new single zone h2i units based on the lower tier GS indoor head. Submittals are already on and info is on NEEP. Performance is definitely below that of the current MUZ-FS, and will be well below that of upcoming MUZ-FW, so I'm not entirely sure what market they're going for there?

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