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Mitsubishi vs. Daikin vs. Mr. Cool Minisplits

Renovations102 | Posted in General Questions on

Hello all,

I am a forced air guy personally, I like all the options I have to work with… That being said, I am going to do a 2-zone mini-split for my garage & bonus room above it.

I know Mitsubishi is the largest player, but I also read a lot of good things about Daikin as well. A local hvac guy claims that he has not once had to service a Daikin unit. We all know everything breaks eventually, he was simply claiming superior reliability. A lot of people are doing the mr. cool thing as well…

I am in a colder climate, zone 5 & understand both Mits & Daikin units can provide heat down to below 0 degrees if I am correct. I like reliability, quiet unit, & ability to heat in low temps.


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  1. henryrose | | #1

    We had a Daikin mini-split with 15K BTU Cooling and 18K BTU heating installed about 3 years ago. Our HVAC company offered a 3yr warranty on Mitsubishi and 12 year on the Daikin, so we went for it. COP 4.0, SEER 20.6. It has been completely trouble free.

  2. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #2

    In Martin Holladay's opinion: "If you want a ducted unit, choose Fujitsu over Mitsubishi." He has advice on choosing between models in
    this article. (One of the benefits of a Mr Cool unit is the precharged lines, which is ideal for a DIY installation.)

  3. walta100 | | #3

    If you are shopping Mr Cool models only some models have the pre charged lines with the screw together connections they will be labeled “DIY”


    1. Renovations102 | | #4

      Thanks to everyone for their input

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