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Mounting a solar awning racking system to a stucco wall

_matt_p | Posted in General Questions on

Hi, I am contemplating having a solar awning racking system mounted to a south facing stucco wall. One concern I have is how to prevent water intrusion at the point the lag bolts ( I presume this is what is used) for the racking system would go through the hole drilled into the stucco and then into the studs. The installer said they would just caulk it. My concern is that over time, the caulk will crack and rain will come in. Is there any better way to flash this? Would you be concerned? There would probably be at least 10 penetrations into the stucco total, if not more. The racking system would be roughly like this:

Thank you,

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I suppose you could install a strip of peel-and-stick material (like Grace Ice & Water Shield, or a similar flashing tape) on the vertical aluminum legs of the support structure, so that the peel-and-stick is between the aluminum and the stucco.

    These peel-and-stick products are supposed to seal around fasteners, although the effectiveness of this approach probably depends in part on how bumpy your stucco is.

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