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Multi-head low-temperature minisplit?

kyeser | Posted in General Questions on

Has anyone seen a extra low temp multi head mini split offered. I got quoted a Fujitsu 12RLSH but was told that the extra low temp heating models, supposedly still offering heat to -15F, was only offered as a single condenser and air handler.
I am building a three bedroom ranch in Northern NY, my heat loss is around 21,000 BTU/hr.
The floor plan is mostly open but the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house and might have doors closed.
I will have backup electric baseboard but would like to have cooling in the rooms so I was looking into a multi head system.

The Fujitsu mix and match system I was quoted has a single condenser and three heads inside but the low temperature heat output is not as low as the single condenser/air handler I was quoted.

Anyone have any experience with these multi head units in cold climate conditions?

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  1. mackstann | | #1

    This does seem to be a hole in their product lines.

    Not sure about Fujitsu, but as far as I can tell, with Mitsubishi, the M-series Hyper Heat models top out at 1.5 tons. You then have to move up to the P-series multi split which starts at 2.5 tons. So if you want more than 1.5 tons but less than 2.5 tons, you are stuck using 2 or more M-series units, and you will have multiple condensers outside.

  2. user-1072251 | | #2

    According to a Mitsubishi representative I spoke with in March, the multi head hyper heat models will be available within a year.

  3. kyeser | | #3

    Hmmm? I wonder if I should wait for the new technology. I could run conduits so I don't have to dig up the yard or slab. But then it's a question of living without the comfort or potential savings of having a mini split in the near term. It is always an interesting dilemma as to when to jump into the technology cycle. I keep waiting for pickups up to experience the jump in MPG that cars have experienced, till then I'll keep driving my old F 150.

  4. jinmtvt | | #4

    Kye : you should really consider installing 2 seperate units of the latest Fuji/Mits cold temp tuned products.

    The fujitsud RLS2H are virtually "silent" in operation outside ..almost ridiculous
    ( even more if you put them into "exterior silent" mode )

    As for your F150 ...

    use the broswe to verify the other offerings...
    there are probably alot smarter options than F150 if you are not using the box for heavy stuff
    50%+ of the time.
    ( aka closed trailer? )

  5. gusfhb | | #5

    It occurs to me long term that the separate units will have a lower replacement cost when it comes time. whatever the newest technology can pop in relatively speaking

  6. jinmtvt | | #6

    Keith : why is that so ? please explain your line of thoughts

    you do know that these simple single headed systems have been around for quite long time
    and the first quality brands ( daikin/mit/fuji ) have life spans of 15-20 years.
    and all have a pretty low defect rate ( most of which happen during the first year of service )
    electronics on both the interior and exterior units are very easy to replace also without disturbing the line setup.

    I don't want to sound as a sale agent , but the simplicity of the recent single headed minis and their relatively low cost vs their efficiency, push in their favor for many if not almost all applications.

  7. gusfhb | | #7

    umm,exactly, single headed units seem like the cheapest way going forward, compared to multis

  8. jinmtvt | | #8

    Keith : i apologize , i read the contrary of your prior statement in my head yes we agree then! :)

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