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Air-Source Heat Pump for Radiators

1910duplex | Posted in Mechanicals on

I am anxious that going to minisplits for heating would feel too cold in my 110-year-old house that is pretty leaky/cannot be insulated in the walls because there is no gap between plank sheathing and stucco.

Have the original cast iron radiators and an ancient natural gas boiler. Would like to fully electrify some day.

I wonder if this would be the answer? (4a)

Samsung unveils monobloc heat pump for residential applications

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  1. paul_wiedefeld | | #1

    Could work!

    If you’re willing, calculating the heat loss then inventorying your radiators could show that they’re already compatible with lower water temps. If they’re a bit short, using them for 80% of the winter is also an option, leaving either resistance or fossil backup for the rest

  2. amorley | | #2

    As Paul said, this could work. But... I haven't seen any signs that these models will be distributed in North America any time soon. It would be great to be wrong on that front.

  3. 1910duplex | | #3

    Yeah, maybe not.. I saw they were going to a UK distributors' conference but nothing about US. I guess we don't have enough radiator heat to matter. :(

  4. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #4

    I think the only major manufacturer actually distributing in the US is Taco with their System M. That's a rebranding of a model that's been available in Europe for a while.

    1. Tim_O | | #5

      And it's $31k! It will take a bit for that to catch on... It is a very all in one system, but still.

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