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New Single family house complete Mitsubishi Heating and cooling system

| Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Can you please review below information and suggest if this system is properly sized and energy efficient. I am also open to other ideas.

Location: Secaucus, NJ
Building: single family, 2 story with open concept finished basement
Foundation: ICF basement foundation with R-26 in wall and R15 In the Slab
Framing: 2×6 stud wall with ZIP-R6 sheathing + R-23 rockwool insulation
Attic: vented, 2nd floor ceiling insulation-R38
we are planning to install air hander for the 2nd floor into the attic and then insulate roof and around the unit to keep it in conditioned space. 

do you recommend ERV or HRV for this house? should it be connected to air handler or standalone?

Windows- double pan fiberglass , Windows U-factor is 0.31  and  .29 SHGC

Please see attached pdf and image for manual j calculations and zoning layout. 

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