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Noise Reduction retrofit – which insulation to blow in between floors?

LLARATtBRM | Posted in General Questions on

My four story 1880’s row house has no insulation between floors. I am unable to drop ceilings or build up floors and I don’t need total sound-proofing, but I would like to reduce noise as much as possible by drilling holes in the ceilings and packing insulation between floors. (Thermal savings is just an added plus)
Every contractor recommends a different product — Green Fiber Cellulose, Insul Safe, air krete, etc. How can I compare these apples and oranges? What should I specify in the bid to the contractor? How much less sound transmission (noise reduction) can I get?

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  1. jklingel | | #1

    Every time sound proofing comes up on a forum, three things are mentioned: mass, isolation, and plug holes. Make sure your contractor does not overlook the details. Are heavy carpets and thick pads out of the question?

  2. LLARATtBRM | | #2

    I have an 80% of-the-floor-must-be-carpeted clause in the tenants leases and I bought the extra thick pads myself, but its not enough; so the question remains: which insulation product will work best?

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