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Re-Sealing Peeling Paint

Hammer 🔨 | Posted in General Questions on

Hey hope everyone is doing well. I bought a kitchen table back in July from Ashley furniture, table started peeling in 2 weeks. I complained and they sent a technician to basically paint it with a marker. Few weeks later peeled even worse. Long story short they refused to replace table or give me a refund. I’m stuck with a brand new table that continues to peel. What can I do to reseal it without major sanding and starting over? It’s a kitchen table I could cover it all the time but I still want option to eat off of it. What could I use to seal this correctly? I don’t mind changing to color, I just want whatever I use to stay on.

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  1. Trevor Lambert | | #1

    If the original coating is peeling, you pretty much have to remove it before putting on something new. Otherwise whatever you put over top is just going to come off with it. Just about anything that completely dries will be food safe once cured.

  2. reggisnienaber | | #2

    Let me start by saying that if a piece of furniture isn't made properly, it will be really hard to restore it, or almost impossible. This is why I order furniture online, and I also ask how long the warranty is. In case it is less than 12 months, I simply don't buy it. Regarding your problem, I can say that it doesn't exist such thing as non-toxic paint which will last long. Good paint is toxic with a sharp smell and usually isn't used in the household. As an option, where you can order a new table, check our website where you can find various furniture.

  3. Tim B | | #3

    That sucks! Milk paint is non toxic, there are few manufacturers out there.

  4. Expert Member
    Zephyr7 | | #4

    That looks more like stain to me than paint, but if a coating is peeling you really have to strip it and refinish it to "fix" things.

    You might be able to hand sand off the worst of the loose finish, then seal the entire table top with polyurethane to keep it from getting worse. You'll end up with a "distressed" finish, although it might look more distressed than you'd like. If you can't get the table replaced, try hand sanding, then stain over what's left with a black stain, and if that looks OK (a "disressed" finish, but hopefully with the worst of it filled in with new stain so that it won't look bad), then seal it with polyurethane. Just be careful because trying to "fix" a damaged finish without completely redoing it can sometimes make it look worse.

    Most coatings are pretty stable once they dry. I wouldn't worry too much about toxicity of polyurethane here -- it's a pretty stable material once it's dried, and it shouldn't react with anything you might put on the table.


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