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Cleaning a Minisplit Head

walta100 | Posted in General Questions on

Do you really need a garden hose to clean the mini split head in your house?

I happened across the kit on AliExpress it seems several different models so it must not be that uncommon in the land where almost everyone has a mini.

I now find the same product on Amazon, EBay and Walmart for twice the money.


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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Definitely isn't fun to clean them.

    When I did mine, I removed the blower wheel and cleaned it outside. Disassembling a unit is not trivial as everything is cramped, very easy to break things or re-assemble and have rattle issues. Either option you look at, it is not an easy job, the dirt that gets deposited on there is almost like an adhesive, you have to mechanically scrub it off.

    Having done this, it is a good motivation to install ducts and never have to deal with cleaning a wall mount again.

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