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Once again, Marc Rosenbaum is teaching an online course on net zero energy homes

Martin Holladay | Posted in General Questions on

If you missed Marc Rosenbaum’s online class the last time he offered it, you have another chance to sign up.

Beginning in two weeks, NESEA will offer the Zero Net Energy Homes online course again. The number of students per class is capped at 50.

In this 10-week course, Marc Rosenbaum will help you develop a more rigorous and quantitative understanding of building science, solar energy, superinsulated construction, ventilation, renewable energy, and low energy use mechanical systems.

Participants will receive several Excel calculators allowing them to perform simple heat loss calculations; calculate frame assembly thermal bridges; estimate hot water energy requirements; calculate the solar gain through the glazing; and do a simple annual energy calculation in order to size the PV system.

In the videos, Marc covers energy, heat transfer, moisture, thermal bridges, superinsulated construction, ventilation and heating/cooling, DHW, solar thermal and solar electricity. As a bonus, enrolling in the course includes a membership in NESEA, and discounted admission to BE 2013.

The cost of the course is $895.

For more information, visit Net Zero Energy Homes Online Course.

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