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Options for roofing underlayment for lower sloped roof

joenorm | Posted in General Questions on

I’m guessing with a lower slope and standing seam metal planned, one would want a little more robust underlayment than heavy tar paper.

What are good options for this? Something self adhered?


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  1. Balazs_F | | #1

    I am not an expert of building materials so please double check - Solitex Mento 1000 from ProClima appears to be a good fit for this application. the 3000 even includes self-adhesive strips. not cheap!

  2. thrifttrust | | #2

    I usually see high temperature underlayment recommended for metal roofs. I used Hydraguard Dual Pro High Temperature Ice & Water Barrier from Menards.

    It's fully adhered and has a non-woven fabric surface to act as a slip sheet. At $.45/sq.ft. it seems reasonable.

  3. Peter Yost | | #3

    Hi Joe -

    I would consider the vapor permeability of the roofing underlayment and whether or not your roof assembly is vented, and/or needs to having drying potential to the interior.


  4. Zdesign | | #4

    Rhino Roof U20 is probably your most cost effective underlayment. Under 4/12 pitch requires 2 layers but is a lot lighter than 30# felt and a lot stronger.

  5. Stockwell | | #5

    High Temp ice and water shield--whatever the brand. I just did my 2:12 roof and that is what was spec'd

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