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Insulation/exterior cladding simultaneously and moisture levels before drywalling

orange_cat | Posted in General Questions on

The builder was delayed for various reasons. They are now trying to speed up and I am worried about rush job generally and moisture level in particular.

They installed the roof (except for where it meets the bricks) with temporary gutters this weekend.
The XPS has been installed for over 5 weeks already.
The brick veneer is going up as we speak and is supposed to go up for the next few weeks.

They are moving to install mineral wool and polyethylene vapor barrier now and I just do not know if  it is too rushed? 

I am mostly concerned about trapping moisture in the walls. It is been raining a lot/humid. Readings for the wood frame (2×6) with the moisture meter are in 13-18% range.

I understand that OCB for lumber is 19%. But when I lookup the numbers for “before drywall” it is more like 11-12. By putting insulation and poly on the inside, how is the frame going to dry down to 11-12?

Canada Zone 5A .
(1) Should there be dry out period between installing roof/exterior cladding and the interior insulation and poly?
(2) Are the 13-18% reading on the wood frame too high to cover it with poly and add drywall?

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