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Mitsubishi HyperHeat Minisplit Pan Heater

amorley | Posted in Mechanicals on

Does anyone know for certain if all Mitsubishi hyper heat mini split models now come with a pan heater as the standard?

HVAC contractor quoted a MUZ-FS15NA-­U1 outdoor unit model #, which is a hyper heat unit according to the NEEP specs. flags that model as definitely NOT coming with a pan heater included. However, the contractor and various comments on GBA and elsewhere say that all hyper heat Mitsu models now come with the pan heater.

Anyone have a definitive answer?



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  1. jwasilko | | #1

    If it has a pan heater, the model ends in H (NAH instead of NA). We just put in a MUZ-FS12NAH-U1 and MUZ-FS18NAH-U1, and the contractor was concerned he wouldn't be able to get the "H" model in time and the plan was to install the heater separately. So I'm pretty sure they are still 2 separate models.

    1. amorley | | #2

      Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. Since this heat pump will be getting installed this spring, that should leave plenty of time before next winter to add the pan heater if the unit doesn't come with one already.


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