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Plumbing penetrations in the toe plate (sole plate)

Monte_Main | Posted in Building Code Questions on

I notice that the IRC Chapter 6, R602 has rules for drilling and notching of studs, and rules for drilling and notching of the top plate. However, other than the protections specified in the Plumbing Code (305.6), I can’t find anything else regarding limitations on penetrations in the toe/sole plate. 

Anyone with code/building science knowledge care to explain why that is?

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  1. Expert Member


    Unlike top-plates which can end up bearing loads in between the studs, bottom-plates are supported from below, so it really doesn't matter if they are continuous, and they can be interrupted by some pretty big openings (like doors) without a problem.

  2. Monte_Main | | #2

    Thank you, Malcolm. When you put it like that, it sounds so obvious!

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