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Opinions on This Pre-Finished Cedar Shingles Situation

user-6991723 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I am in need of some advice on a residing project. I am in the process of removing some old wood shingle siding. I would like to put up prefinished, solid color cedar shingles. I decided against going back up with vinyl or fiber cement, as I figured going back with wood was the greenest solution.

I’m trying to figure out which shingle to purchase and I have 2 manufacturers telling me different things regarding the prefinishing process. One manufacturer is telling me they fully dip the entire shingle and that it is covered on all surfaces. The other is telling me they only dip the shingle 3/4 of the way into the paint, leaving top 1/4 of the shingle unpainted. The tricky part is I assumed they were all fully painted on all surfaces and put an order in with the company that only 3/4 dips their shingles in the paint. So I am trying to figure out whether to make a big stink and cancel the order to get the shingles that are fully covered, or if it doesn’t really matter.  I am really only worried about the adhesion of the paint over time.

Couple things to note. I rewrapped the whole building with Delta Vent SA and I am putting up Obdyke Home Slicker vent behind the shingles. Any advice is appreciated.


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