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Purchasing Knauf Ecoseal

Josh7447 | Posted in General Questions on

I’ve read a lot about air sealing and the different options available but I want something low Voc and healthy so I’ve decided on Knauf ecoseal. The problem is that nobody in my area sells it and Knauf will only sell it by the truckload. My builder will spray it if I can get my hands on some. Anybody know where I can order this?


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  1. user-6863358 | | #1

    I work for Knauf Insulation. Can you tell us where you are located? We will see if we can find a local supply source for you.

    Chris Brown
    Director: Knauf Insulation Academy

  2. Josh7447 | | #2

    Thanks Chris! I'm in Kansas City. I've talked to the contractors that Knauf directed me to locally but they have discontinued use of the product. Thanks.

  3. Josh7447 | | #3

    Well I talked to the local rep and nobody around here carriers it. Anybody know of an online distributor who will ship this stuff? Thanks Josh.

  4. user-6863358 | | #4


    I have verified that Henges Insulation in Olathe has some in stock, or can order you some.

    1. user-7561526 | | #5


      Do you know of anybody in the Seattle, WA area who carries this stuff?


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