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R-454b heat pump

johnnydc | Posted in General Questions on

Hello friends. I want to install a ducted heat pump, let’s say a Mr Cool or Mitsubishi or other. I want to get one that uses R-454b refrigerant which of course has a much better gwp than R-410A Puron. Problem is that I don’t see any retailers selling something I can buy. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    R-454B was developed at and is manufactured by Chemours. Carrier first announced introduction of R-454B in ducted residential and light commercial packaged refrigeration and air conditioning products in 2018, with R-454B-based products launches starting in 2023.[11]

    sounds pretty new

  2. johnnydc | | #2

    Well, it is mandated as a refrigerant, or at least R-410A won't be permissible starting in 2025. Other options exist, and some of them are actually better than R-454B, but I don't see anybody selling them certainly to DIYers.

  3. johnnydc | | #3

    I spoke to somebody at Midea today and asked them. They have a system, the EVOX G3, which will be coming out in September, which is R454B. It looks really impressive. They'll sell preferentially to contractors, but would possibly sell to a homeowner as well. As of now, all their products and all the rebadged Mideas are still R410A. I also understood that starting in 2025, companies won't be allowed to import new systems with R410A refrigerant, but they have to the end of 2025 to sell and install them. So other than Daikin, which is using R-32, I think most of what is out there now is 410A and will be through 2024 and much of 2025.

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