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“Radon Mitigation Systems” article

kn942mj | Posted in General Questions on

“Radon Mitigation Systems,” June / July 2014, pg 86 -87: Holes on pipe.

I look back at the article from June / July 2014, “Radon Mitigation Systems,” page 86 -87, and notice the drawing with the holes on the pipe point up instead of pointing down?

I was wondering, is this so people that read the article would see what was meant by the perforated pipe?

The reason why I ask is all the videos I have watched says to make sure the pipe if wrap in landscaping fabric or a type of sock that goes around the pipe to help keep dirt and silk out of the pipe. In addition to that to make sure the holes are pointed down toward the ground and not the house.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I'm guessing that you are talking about a Fine Homebuilding article, right? (Not a GBA article.) Apparently you are talking about this article: Radon-mitigation systems.

    The usual advice when using perforated pipe for footing drains is to point the holes downward. But frankly, this debate is much ado about not much. If the pipe is rotated the other way, it will still work. If water surrounds the pipe, it will find the holes.

    When perforated pipe is used as part of a radon mitigation system, the orientation of the holes is even less important.

    And you are correct that, at least for footing drains, it is a good practice to use landscape fabric to make a "burrito" out of the perforated pipe and a few inches of surrounding crushed stone. The landscape fabric helps to keep the pipe from clogging.

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