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Raised Floor on Piles Insulation in 4A and Floodplain

sarahmc | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Building a project in zone 4A that is an exposed wood frame raised floor on piles, in a flood plain. I should also note, that we can’t add a crawlspace or any other obstructions besides the piles due to township regulations. I’ve seen plenty of information on how to insulate for a hot humid climate/flood zone (Lousiana) but can’t find anything directly related to our climate zone, which also requires the floor to be min R30. Trying to decide between flush framing and dropped beam structure, but would likely have 2×12 framing. What is the best way to insulate and air seal in order to make sure this assembly works and can dry correctly?

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    This Fine Homebuilding article has been referenced many time and provides options for preventing a cold floor:

    You also might want to read this article from BSA:

    1. sarahmc | | #3

      Thank you! I will read these.

  2. rockies63 | | #2

    On top of your piers you will have beams, so on top of the beams install SIP panels for the floor system (the thickness will be decided based on your climate zone). Build your exterior and interior walls on top of the SIP panels and then add a raised floor within the rooms so that you can run plumbing pipes, HVAC, wiring, etc..
    Now you'll have a high level of insulation and you won't have to cut into the floor system to install pipes and HVAC.

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