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Reclaimed Iso/Strapping/Sheeting/Shingles?

AlfredDedam | Posted in General Questions on

Hi there, I was trying to piece together an answer by reading already posted questions, but I thought I should just start a new thread. What I want to do:
Strip the two layers of old and failing shingles, check the existing sheathing, replace anything that needs replacing, cover the roof with 3″ (maybe) reclaimed Iso insulation, strap that, sheath it, shingle it.

My concerns:
If I go with reclaimed I so I am concerned about nail holes and such. I have been wondering if I should cover the insulation with a breathable house wrap, then proceed with the rest of the roof structure?

I guess that’s my main concern. All of my other concerns have not occuree to me yet because I don’t know what I should be concerned about. I am a stonemason basking in ignorance of hygronomy (is that even the word?) issues.

So, before I get too far from the shore, will someone please take the wind out of my sails?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The name of the material that you should install above the recycled polyiso is roofing underlayment.

    You can choose to install traditional roofing underlyament (asphalt felt), or you can install synthetic roofing underlayment (which looks like housewrap, but is actually vapor-impermeable).

    It makes sense to seal the seams between the polyiso sheets with canned spray foam or high quality tape, especially if you are installing only one layer of polyiso. If you are installing two layers of polyiso, then you should install them with staggered seams.

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