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Reclaimed wood siding over furring

beeker4747 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I am doing my exterior foam and planning to do vinyl siding. If I decide to fur it out, I can add more foam but I also wonder if I might use reclaimed wood sheathing from a house demolition as siding.  First, it’s free. Second, the rainscreen is pretty robust so who cares of a little splash through happens?  What do you all think of that?

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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    Is this wide-plank sheathing, ship-lap or...???

    If it's clear old growth lumber without a lot of knots it may do just fine. If you primer-paint both sides it will be less likely to cup curl & split over time. Back-primering & rainscreens go a long way toward the extending the longevity of the paint on the exterior too.

  2. beeker4747 | | #2

    The wood is pretty clear for sure, at least in the attic. the roof was framed over so there is a ton of 1x lumber up there (essentially two roof decks with one totally out of the weather all these decades). I thought of routing them to make some lap work or just going crazy butting them up with a 1/8" gap. I thought better of that I think, but it might look cool. (for a shed). I think the walls are sheathed mostly with 1x12's, many from 1925 or so. might be efficient if I could make a way of removing them quickly and cleanly, routing, planing, spraying and off we go. cheers

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