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Recommend “pretty good” double slider patio door?

oldbungalow | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi we’ve priced out some ridiculously expensive 12 foot wide (lift/slide and bifold) glass opening options between porch and breakfast area. Those options had pretty good air infiltration numbers.

However we’re hitting some major budget constraints. Can anyone recommend a “pretty good” double slider patio door? This would be configured XOOX where X is fixed pane, O is slider/operable, meeting in the middle. The patio is covered/screened in so weather exposure is not a major concern for materials.  The sliding is preferred to double french doors due to space considerations.

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  1. Expert Member
    RICHARD EVANS | | #1

    KT, where are you located?

    If you are in New England, then check out Pinnacle Windows in Maine. Their Logic lift and slides are really nice and aren't overly expensive.

    1. oldbungalow | | #2

      Thanks, those look nice, guessing they are not cheap.
      For double sliders that meet in the middle is there usually a big air infiltration problem at the meeting point/gap?

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    KT, I haven't priced out lift and slides with Logic but have used their windows and they're a good value for what you get. For bi-parting sliding doors I've only used Marvin and Arcadia; both were expensive and neither were energy efficient or comfortable to sit next to.

    Pinnacle Windows also sells La Cantina doors, which might be an option for you.

  3. Expert Member
    Akos | | #4

    I've ordered some Rehau tilt and slides from Eastern Europe. 8'x10' double slide with triple pane windows for around €2500. The problem is the logistics. They seal quite well, much better than NA bifolds.

  4. brianvarick | | #5

    I got a Marvin Integrity 12’ slider that’s 7’2” tall for a little less than $4000. It probably doesn’t have the same performance as a lift and slide but it’s much easier to get your hands on.

    1. oldbungalow | | #6

      Hi Brian could you provide more info on your Integrity slider configuration? for 12 ft is it a pair of fixed panes sandwiching biparting sliders? What's the performance like especially where they meet?

      1. brianvarick | | #7

        It’s an OXXO where the Os are fixed. I haven’t installed it yet but I think Marvin has it at a U.28 which I am happy with. I haven’t installed it yet so I can’t comment on air infiltration but I think you can upgrade it to higher performance.

  5. KeithH | | #8


    We put a 'quad slider' (OXXO) in my father's house to replace a 4 single pane leaded glass French doors that folded (North facing). Milgard double pane vinyl with low-e and argon came in at <0.30 U and about $2400 at a milgard sale in 2014.

    It's proven durable, tight (in an unmeasured use of the word), and energy efficient especially compared to what was there. The screens are convenient and the interior space lost to the folding doors that was regained by the sliders is appreciated.

    You'll need to keep an eye on how to best deal with the threshold depending on what you are removing.

    If a small upgrade cost got you fiberglass or triple pane, I'd recommend either upgrade as worth the cost (I'd choose fiberglass if it gets sun especially).

  6. seabornman | | #9

    We, too, looked at all of the fancy options, then went with a Marvin aluminum clad door. It's 12' x 8' and seems to be a great door. Maybe $5500 if my memory is correct. We used the low profile sill as we are covered by a porch roof. The only thing I'm not terribly happy with are the screens. For the cost I expected a more sturdy product. The black finish is the same as the Marvin Integrity casements we put in the rest of the house.

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