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Removing and reinstalling a newly installed window?

matt2021 | Posted in General Questions on

One of the windows (installed with nails in the nail fin and caulk under the nail fin) is not plumb beyond the acceptable. It’s a picture window; so, there are no issues with operation. Yet, aesthetically it really cannot work. The top leans inward. 

How complicated will it be to remove and reinstall?  Will the mail fin survive?

I just don’t know whether it’s possible to fix it without removing and reinstalling. 

For the record, what happened, I think, is that, while the window was plumb at first, the contractor banged too hard on the nails, and the ZIP R foam got compressed. At least, that’s my diagnosis. 

A very distressing situation, of course. These are brand new, expensive windows. 

Also, it’s beyond me why Marvin would indicate, in the insulation instructions, the use or NAILS, to then have a page on their website that explains that SCREWS are… BETTER. I had the contractor switch from screws to nails, so as to follow the “manufacturer’s instructions.”

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    It's usually not that hard to remove a window. Take out the nails carefully using a cat's paw-style nail remover. The fin will get a little beat up but you can use a scrap of wood to protect it. Then run a kitchen knife between the fin and the wall to loosen the sealant; it might not be fully set up yet anyway.

    1. matt2021 | | #4

      Thanks! That’s reassuring!

  2. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #2

    If the trim and siding haven't been installed this isn't a big deal, it's pretty routine. I'd be more worried about getting the opening plumb.

    1. matt2021 | | #3

      Thanks! The opening was plumb. I wonder if it is now though.

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