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12″ Door Jambs

user-6870177 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

The house has double-wall construction with dense-pack cellulose, for an R=40 in the walls.  And really air-tight.  
Our biggest problem was with the exterior doors — it was impossible for us to find 12″ jambs.  — Any suggestions?  

Thanks for any feedback.  
Mary Hoyer

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  3. user-6870177 | | #3

    Thanks! I needed some back-up on replacement windows. What European doors do you have?

    Best, Mary Hoyer

  4. strausjw | | #4

    Hi Mary -
    Generally, I find the jamb to be less of a problem in thick walls than the threshold. To resolve the threshold issue, I suggest setting the door to the exterior side of the wall plane. Then the carpenter will make an extension jamb to accommodate the rest of the wall thickness. That allows you to simply order a door with a standard 4 9/16" or 6 9/16" jamb.

    1. user-6870177 | | #7

      Hi Yourself: I meant threshold, sorry. I am not a builder, I am just extremely interested in energy (and the future of our species to survive what we are doing to the weather. . . IMHO). Our builder did have a jamb made, but it is aluminum, and it gets really hot in the summer (I go barefoot), and I don't think he insulated it very well. It was also fairly expensive.
      Just wondering if this is a option anywhere.
      Thanks for the help -- I am answering a lot of questions about the house, and am wondering if I am missing something.

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  6. user-6870177 | | #6

    Our builder made one like this, but it is HOT if you step on it. Thanks for the article. . . Our exterior doors are "innies" (windows are "outies", we put tile over the drywall, and the window sills are filled with plants, paper-towel dispensers -- its a wonderful benefit we never thought about.

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