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Garage ventilation with apartment above

RentalsinWoodstock | Posted in General Questions on

I want to ventilate the 3 separated(each is sheetrocked) garages under an apartment. I plan to exhaust  each 23′ X 11′ X 8.5′ garage when the garage door opens and closes with a motion sensor. What size CFM fan would I use?
Thank you

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  1. Expert Member


    Any size fan will work, what will change is the length of time it has to run. That's going to be a bit difficult to determine as the air quality in the garage will vary wildly based on how long the vehicles run in the space, ambient winds, whether the door was opened when the vehicle started, etc. I'm not sure you can predict run times without monitoring the air quality once the fan is installed - but maybe others have some better suggestions.

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