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Rim Board header and Roof Trusses?

lrs123 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all, 

Anyone have experience using a rim board header with raised heel trusses? I’m guessing I can be done, but might not be worth the hassle? 

I was picturing using slightly shorter span trusses over wall openings to allow for header material. But then i guess you would need to use a rim board and hangers for all the other trusses too? Wondering how the blocking requirements would work? Simpler to just build insulated headers? 

Appreciate any feedback.

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  1. jacobtig | | #1

    I assume you are talking about putting window/door headers on top of the wall rather than in the wall? I also assume it’s for the purpose of better insulation in the wall? I have hung trusses over a window opening before (I can’t remember why we had to do it). But it was just the trusses over the window that got hung off the header, and the rest of the trusses were installed normally.
    In your case, I’d be more concerned about losing the insulation at the heel of the truss due to the header, than I would be about losing the insulation in the wall (especially if your in a heating climate).

  2. Expert Member


    It's technique best reserved for two story houses.

    1. Expert Member
      Michael Maines | | #5

      Malcolm, I'm sure you have a good reason for saying that but I'm having trouble figuring out why. Could you explain?

      1. jacobtig | | #6

        I think he means it is best reserved for 2nd floor joists as opposed roof trusses.

  3. lrs123 | | #3

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions guys!

  4. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #4

    I have used rim board headers with raised heel trusses many times. It takes extra effort so I've usually done it when window or door headers won't fit under the top plates. If you have a conventional-looking house with normal-sized windows it's probably not worth the effort unless you are shooting for very high performance targets or if your design has windows that extend close to the ceiling.

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