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Roof to wall vented flashing

joenorm | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,

I have a vented cathedral style roof system and part of it meets up with a wall.

At this section I left off 1.5 inches of roof sheathing and installed the roof manufactures specified flashing for this zone.

It is an oversized flashing that sits atop the ribs of the standing seam to allow for venting. The length of it ensures weather stays out.

But…….this year we got a couple days of dry, powdery snow and I could see that it made its way under this flashing and into neat little piles just inside of the holes. I am still in framing stage, so no harm done. 

My guess is that I may never notice this even if I did nothing. A little snow would come in on occasion, collect on the insulation, and eventually dry out. 
But having seen it, the right thing to do would be to prevent this.

The only thing I could thing of was installing a cora-vent product in-between each roof rib, this would likely block the path enough to halt the snow. But it would also slow airflow which I am hesitant to do.

Any suggestions fo this spot?

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  1. Expert Member


    Most metal roof manufacturers supply vented closure strips you can use rather than Cor-a-Vent. They look a bit like tangled hair. They do reduce the air-flow bit, but more importantly they can get clogged by debris like fir needles and need to be cleaned periodically.

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