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Roofing – Mechanical seam vs. Snap lock

Peter L | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

For a standing seam metal roof which is the better system to install? The Mechanical Seam or the Snap Lock system? Both have hidden fasteners but which system works better?

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  1. Malcolm Taylor | | #1

    Peter, The biggest advantage of snap lock roofs is their ease and speed of installation. Neither snap lock or mechanically joined roofs should leak at the seams or come apart in high winds.
    I do all my own metal roofs because the labour component of the bids is so high. I don't know why this is as I can install a snap lock roof in well under the time it would take me to shingle it. Perhaps others can chime in with their take on them. I haven't found any downside to snap locks.

  2. Apollo S | | #2

    I want to replace 10X10 roof over my kitchen with a snap-lock. Is there a good online resource to oder those? In MA seems like places I checked don't want to sell to non-trade.

  3. Malcolm Taylor | | #3

    Apollo, i get my metal through a lumberyard. They get weekly deliveries from three separate suppliers. I'm not sure they would sell directly to me either. Might be worth trying a yard where you are.

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