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Sensibo users?

Trevor_Lambert | Posted in General Questions on

Any Sensibo users here and would share their opinions? They’re on sale and I’m thinking of getting one to make my Fujitsu a little more user friendly. The Fujitsu only has a thermostat inside the head, which is pretty hit and miss for sensing the room temperature. IFTTT seems like it would be a nice gadget to use as well.

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    GBA has a pretty small membership, so you may not get a response to such as a product-specific question. Maybe this video will help (a little):

  2. johns3km | | #2

    Mine works great with my Fujitsu. I use it more to replace the remote control as I have it hardwired to a thermostat to get better temp sensing. Tie-ins with IFTTT allow quick 1 press button widgets.

    App is easy. If you can get it in a central location, line of sight to unit, and next to an outlet, you could use their function to change temp settings based on interior temp. Just be careful that the sensibo isn’t in direct line of airflow.

    Any questions feel free to ask.

    1. johns3km | | #3

      Here is the climate react page you may be interested in.

  3. Expert Member
    Akos | | #4

    It works well enough for what I use it for. It would be good if you could set climate react parameters based on scheduling. Also disabling climate react on the app is not simple, there really should be a button to disable all Sensibo function on the app, I end up unplugging it as it is quicker.

    One thing with any of these IR units is that your AC will beep when it sends changes. If this can be changed on your AC, then not a big deal. For mine, I had to pull the wall mount head apart and remove the control board to snip the beeper.

    1. johns3km | | #5

      Yeah climate react was kinda a beta at some point and doesnt feel fully polished. Works fine for it does though.

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