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Shower wall assembly

carmenooch | Posted in General Questions on

In climate zone 5b. I’m remodeling a shower that is against an exterior wall. I’m wondering what type of insulation is best for this assembly. I haven’t yet taken the old out so I’m not sure of exterior material. I’m gonna assume at this point it is house wrap over OSB, with metal siding that looks a lot like the cheap vinyl siding. Also, not yet sure on materials for the shower itself so if I could get some info on whether I do fiberglass surround walls or if I go with cement board with tile finish it would be much appreciated.

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  1. matthew25 | | #1

    If you do a tile finish go with a full waterproof system instead of cement board such as Laticrete HydroBan or Schluter Ditra. They both make panels that are a substitute for cement board. Also consider urethane grout like from Bostik TruColor for a sealer-less finish.

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