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Sliding Glass Doors – Lakewood, Colorado

remodel2death | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

We live in Lakewood, Colorado, and last summer I finished building our new deck.  Now we need a new patio door (95″ wide x 79.5″ tall).  We would like white interior (or I can paint it white) and dark gray or bronze exterior.  The budget is $4,000 installed and I’m having a hard time finding efficiency at that price.  I’ve been told fiberglass will melt in our sun.  Does anyone know a great installer or know if my budget will pay for an efficient door?

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  1. braun247 | | #1

    Hello to you, I am also in Lakewood.

    With that said, I think you have it backwards, vinyl starts to melt at 165 degrees, fiberglasses melting point is 2075 degrees. Fiberglass does not expand and contract like any other window materials. It is much stronger, more stable.

    Some of the cons for fiberglass is that it does cost more and it can fade. You should do a search about it. Heres the first site that came up with pros/cons.

  2. remodel2death | | #2

    Thank you Joe, sometimes I think sales people will say anything. I received an estimate for Kolbe and Kolbe Forgent series in Glastra material (hybrid of fiberglass and UV polymer) that's in my budget. Do you or anyone else think these doors are efficient and good buy?

  3. braun247 | | #3

    I am going with milgard myself. I have/used to have the factory off of Tower and I-70. Looking it up on google maps says its closed. But I am going with them because they are local, the R valve is better than wood, aluminum, and vinyl and they say that they have fixed the fade color problem. Also, because they are fiberglass, they don't expand and contract as much the other three either. They are cheaper than wood/aluminum, but cost more than vinyl. I look at them as the middle of the road for what I can get.

  4. remodel2death | | #4

    Hey Joe,
    I just wanted you to know that the Milgard factory closed in Aurora due to Covid. That makes me sad. I decided to go with Alpen 625 series fiberglass with U-factor=.19 and SHGC=.26 and Krypton filled. They are made right here in Superior, CO and they gave me a name of an installer whom I really like. I'm so excited about high performance and fiberglass without spending too much more! Thanks for the information. We will see how it goes and I will let you know.

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