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Snow Guards and Solar Panels

an123 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi GBAs,
I want to install solar panels on my south-facing A-frame roof.  Roof is fairly steep (with asphalt shingles on 100 year-old Halifax house).  House is close in proximity to neighbours’ house, with a walkway between the two houses (so about 8 feet distance between houses).
I’m concerned about a snow avalanche from the solar panels after a heavy snowfall -onto neighbour.  Thought about snow guards, and found a few in the USA.  Doesn’t seem like any solar people here in Canada have these, talk about them, seem concerned with snow avalaches.  Any advice for what, if any, solar installers in Canada use as snow guards?  Am I overly worried?  I live in NS, snow is not as big of an issue as most other provinces.
Thanks for any advice.

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