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Source for Zip R9 Sheathing?

richmass62 | Posted in General Questions on

I am in northeastern MA and I am able to order Zip R6 sheathing (it arrives in about 4 days). However my local suppliers don’t provide Zip R9 which is a thicker version with a total thickness of 1 15/16″.

Looking online I see a lumber store in Bethel VT carries it but this is over 2 hours away by car. Anyone know other options? I did find one Home Depot that could carry it but it was $40 more per sheet than the Zip R6 and this seems a bit too much.

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  1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #1

    Work backwards. Find the Huber rep for your area. Ask them if there are distributors you should talk to or if they are aware of stocking dealers.

    This is how I found out that Builders First Source had the R6 on the ground when I needed it after it went out of stock in normal channels.

  2. richmass62 | | #2

    thanks, will do!

  3. jvidamins | | #3

    Nobody around me (northern IN) stocked the R9 so I had to special order it and it took a month to arrive. Be sure to shop it. Prices varied by as much as $10/sheet between the different suppliers that could get it.

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