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Spray-foam smell

Ku44ax8xqh | Posted in General Questions on

Two weeks ago, We had Sealection 500 sprayed in wall cavities and under roof decking (metal roof) for our new home build. The smell seemed minor by 2 days after, then the ingition barrier – Blazelok IB4 was sprayed on entire roof deck. One week later, the smell is as bad a the day they sprayed the Blazelok IB4. Cure rate is 2-3 hrs so something seems wrong.
The chemical smell burns your eyes and nose, I can taste a metallic taste on my tongue and get dizzy after entering the home if any windows are closed.
In fact, the smell is strong enough and sweet enough that prior to entering the house, it hits you outside.
The only time the smell is tolerable is when every single window is open, but when shut up a bit, the smell returns at full tilt.
We have requested that our General contractor to withhold sheetrock since we worry the offgassing will be shunted and worse that the smell will be absorbed into the sheetrock.
I have called Demilec and asked for a tech rep to come out and test our product, but am only being routed to their Sales rep.

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  1. davidmeiland | | #1

    I would start making calls locally. Talk to home inspectors, engineering firms, insurance adjusters (via your agent) and others, ask for referrals to indoor air quality test firms and industrial hygienists.

    Absolutely do not allow the contractor to install drywall.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2
  3. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #3

    A good person to call in Austin is Doug Garrett, 512) 259-2324, [email protected]. He deals mostly with energy and healthy homes. Great guy and very knowledeable. I highly recommend him.

  4. 4HCR9rhnie | | #4

    I had Demilec Sealection 500 (two part open cell urethane) installed into my home this past November. It has been an absolute nightmare. Same issues as other posters. Constant odor and associated resperatory distress. Unlike other homeowners, I ventilated the space from day one (for four months now), and it has not helped one bit. I have spoken with the EPA and I am in the process of undergoing independant air testing. From my discussions with EPA it has become apparent that removal of the foam can create its own set of new problems as airborn particulates created when the foam is disturbed can present additional problems. I Am a lawyer, though I do not specialize in tort actions or product liability. I am however looking to connect with other homeowners who have had a similar problem. I have little doubt that in the end I am going to have to tear out the shingles, roof decking, and rafters to resolve this nightmare. God only knows what the long term effects of this exposure will be. I would like to coordinate a discussion group and share experiences, health problems, and test results.

    This is not meant to be an attack on the industry. I am not trying to engage those of you who have had good results from properly installed foam. My concern is finding a way to help myself and those others who have experienced the nighmare of issues relating to an improperly installed product.

    Pease contact me at [email protected] only if you are experiencing similar problems.

    Upstate NY

  5. cdncorps | | #5

    Hello all – just wondering – did you resolve your problem? If so how? Also did you find the odour to be super sweet – I have heard all about the fish smell but in this clients case it is very sweet/tart – and strong – Did you do any air testing and what tests did you do – I test for many other things mould etc. but my lab is not sure what type of test we should do. It seems many of the problems in the states are starting to rear their heads in Canada, and funny since we are so cold all the time however if you could enlighten me of your experience I would be appreciative at [email protected]

  6. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #6

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