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Standing-seam roof condition

user-2366969 | Posted in General Questions on

Is the rust and peeling of these roof panels an indication of serious damage? Is there a way to recoat these panels? I have no idea when this roof was installed, but would like to know if I should start consider replacing it, or if it will last another 10+ years. Thanks in advance – Dan

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  1. davidmeiland | | #1

    Regarding the photos, this site will let you upload photos with the exact same files names as photos that have been previously uploaded by someone else. Then, it will show their photos as thumbnails with your post... but when clicked will correctly open your photo full size. Been that way a long time, workaround is to use unique file names with your uploads.

    The paint on those panels looks pretty bad, makes me think someone already field-painted them. How much of it looks like that?

  2. kevin_in_denver | | #2

    To me, it looks like someone painted your galvanized steel roof with conventional latex paint.
    The degradation of the paint that is occurring is exactly what I would expect.

    They probably painted it because the original galvanizing was looking weathered, maybe rusting a little.

    The steel itself is probably OK and could last many more years. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to get that latex paint off. But there are painting contractors with experience with this, and paint that will work in this application.

    I'd try a "multitool" with this type of scraper blade:
    And if it doesn't work, there are many other styles of blades or sanding attachments that might work.

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    David Meiland,
    Your explanation of the photo-posting bug was accurate and concise -- thanks!

    Advice to GBA readers: if you want to post a photo, please don't name the file "Image," "Image 1," "Photo," or "Photo 1." Thanks.

  4. user-2366969 | | #4

    Most of what I can see looks like that. The roof is above my garage, the original part of the house has the same style roof but being 3 stories up, I can't get a good look at it right now. I guess I should look into roof paint systems, would it be okay to let it go until next year? I think warm, dry weather would be required for painting, I'm in nj.

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