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Steller Floors: As Seen on Matt Risinger’s Youtube Channel

rockies63 | Posted in General Questions on

In another post on this site I featured a Youtube video from Matt Risinger where he interviewed Brent Hull of Hull Millwork and they discussed Steller Floors. In doing more research on this product I thought it deserved its own Green Building Advisor post. 

Steller Floors has come up with a unique method for installing a “floating” solid wood floor – no nails or glue required. Each floorboard looks very similar to a tradition tongue and groove board except that the tongue has been removed and replaced with a second groove. Each groove then snaps down onto a long plastic “clip” that rests on the floor and that clip then locks each row of boards together. The plastic that the clips are made from doesn’t contain any plasticizers so it won’t become brittle over time – the company says the clips will last the life of the floor (maybe 100 years). 

The best thing about this system is that should there be any damage to the floor – a flood, a water stain, a pet stain, or a big dent from a dropped item the damaged board can be popped out with a large suction cup and replaced – no tearing up or resanding and refinishing of the floor required. 

Here’s their Youtube channel with some great, short videos explaining their system and also their website and no, I am not affiliated with them in any way or receive any benefit from anyone for mentioning their product.

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  1. rockies63 | | #1

    This is the video from Matt Risinger that he made when he first discovered Steeler floating hardwood floors 4 years ago at the Baltimore Remodeling Show and Deck Expo (2019).

    At the time they were just about to bring the product to market but are up and running now.

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #2

      Conceptually I really like the idea of them - both the ease of installation, and being able to replace boards. My one reservation is that the ends not being t&g like other wood flooring, might lead to small ridges.

      I wish it was a technology that they licensed to other manufacturers, to give more choice.

  2. rockies63 | | #3

    Oh, there's a ton more info on their Youtube channel if you look at their "shorts" videos.

  3. rockies63 | | #4

    Here's a Matt Risinger follow-up video from 2 years ago with Steller Floors where they install the flooring system in a house.

  4. stellerfloors | | #5

    Hey there folks! My name is Britta and I am a co-founder and the Chief Sustainability Officer at Steller Floors :) I am a longtime lurker here on GBA and I am super excited that we are turning up in discussions here.

    We are based in the USA and we are a fairly young company so we are an open book. To get to some queries here: at the moment we don't license because we are working on those relationships and we carefully select our potential partners who also want to do things in a sustainable, high-craft, worker-friendly way (unfortunately not common in flooring). Also, we haven't had any issues with not being t & g -- the main issue has been planks sliding along the rails, and our entire product line was recently upgraded to include end-matching on every plank (clips on the butt ends). This upgrade has really improved performance and even makes the floor easier to install.

    Today, we have hundreds of happy customers nationwide and we are excited to keep growing & learning so all feedback is helpful! So, don't hesitate to reach out here or on our website & social to ask us anything.

  5. rockies63 | | #6

    Here is a new hour long interview from Matt Risinger with the founders of Steller floors and they really go into depth describing their product, how to install it and how to repair/replace boards.

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