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Stone Veneer following rain

user-6957254 | Posted in General Questions on

Out of curiousity, does stone veneer or Synthetic Stone tend to stay wet longer? Noticed a neighbors house with some Synthetic Stone certain sections still look wert almost 18 hours after rain. Granted, the temp also dropped and we had zero sunlight today to help dry anything quickly.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    There are many types of stone veneer or synthetic stone veneer. If it is natural stone, the characteristics of the stone varies, depending on what type of stone you are talking about. If it's synthetic stone, it's basically concrete -- what some building scientists call "thick stucco."

    Synthetic stone veneer (and some types of natural stone) fall into a category of cladding called "reservoir claddings." Indeed, as you observed, they hold water. That's why the details behind the veneer matter so much. With poor detailing, a reservoir cladding can lead to moisture problems in a wall.

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